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We have a few different types of Salmon in Michigan including Chinook (King), Coho, Atlantic and Pink. In our area the King and Coho Salmon are what we chase. The Salmon will start entering our Northern Rivers including the Big Manistee, Betsie, Little Manistee and Pere Marquette in Mid Aug.

Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing

May- Oct.

Come spend a day fishing on beautiful Lake Michigan aboard “2 Bucks” our 28’ Sea Ray Amberjack, out of the port of Muskegon. This is one of the best ports on Lake Michigan. The method used is trolling. The captain and first mate set 10-18 rods and we troll to cover water. When we get a bite, all you have to do is reel in the fish! Most of our trip we target King Salmon that average 10-16# but it is not uncommon for us to catch a few every year over 25#. These fish are hard fighting and don’t give up easy. As a bonus on many trips we will land Steelhead, Coho Salmon, Lake Trout and Brown Trout. May is a great time for sheer numbers of salmon but if you are looking for a salmon to put on the wall Aug. is the time.

River Salmon Fishing

Aug.- Oct.

Our salmon run starts as early as the mid August on our Northern River which includes the Big Manistee River, Betsie River, Little Manistee River and the Pere Marquette River. On the Southern rivers including the White River, Muskegon River and Grand River the run starts 3-5 weeks later. The season extends well into October in the North and November to the south .

Spending the last 3 years in the big water of Lake Michigan, the salmon enter our rivers for their spawning run and then the die soon after.

In late summer salmon start entering the systems inhabiting the deeper runs and logjams along the river bank. When these fish first enter the rivers we like to target them in the lower stretches of the systems casting plugs and drifting fresh roe. At this time they are still fresh and willing to strike.

Chinook (King) and Coho salmon are major players in our salmon fishery averaging 12-20# but salmon are caught every year that are closing in on the 30# mark. These fish are tackle busting brutes with sheer power unlike any other freshwater fish. Their strikes are so aggressive an angler can have the rod ripped from their hand if not paying attention.

In pools and eventually around gravel, these fish are often visible while fishing which helps fuel the excitement. Averaging 14 pounds, these fish do climb into the 20 pound range and landing them on fly rods is challenging and fun at the same time.


Casting plugs, Float fishing, Back Bouncing, Fly fishing


Casting plugs & Floats/ Skein
Big Manistee, Betsie, Little Manistee and Pere Marquette Mid Aug-Sept..
Muskegon, White & Grand Rivers Mid. Sept-Oct.

Chuck and Duck Fly Fishing
Big Manistee River (Tippy Dam) Oct.
Muskegon River Late Oct.- Mid Nov.

Lakes fished

Lake Michigan, Muskegon Lake, Manistee Lake, Pere Marquette Lake, White Lake

Rivers Fished

Muskegon River, Manistee River, Pere Marquette River,Grand River, White River, Betsie River

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